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A Keogh plan (also called HR10 plans) is a tax-deferred retirement plan for self-employed individuals or unincorporated businesses.

Why It's Important
It's important to note that contributions to these plans are tax-deductible up to a certain amount.  There are two types of Keogh plans.  One type is a qualified defined-contribution plan.  This type of plan is typically in the form of a profit-sharing plan.  The beauty is that a business doesn't have to generate profits to participate in this type of plan.  As of 2019, a business can put 100% of their income or up to $56,000 of funds into this plan.  Profit-sharing plans are only contributed to by the employer (yourself if you are self employed) not the employee.  It's a good way to squirrel away money when your company is doing well.

The other type of Keogh plan is a qualified defined-benefit plan.  These types of plans are similar to pensions in that you get paid out annually after...

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Always wondered about Roth IRAs?  Join Tiffany as she breaks down what they are and how to best utilize them.

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