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Almost every person on the planet is familiar with banks. Everyone has had an experience, whether good or bad, with it, and due to this, the majority of the population always gravitates towards banks, not knowing that other options  exist. Whether you want to or not, you might find yourself in the footsteps of a bank, without any clue of alternatives that could change your life.

Banks are profitable corporations that strive to provide for not only you, but itself too, by bulking up on money that you pay, in the form of interests or fees, and paying its shareholders rather than finding another use of the funds. Although this allows the fluidity of finances and gives the bank the margin to grow or increase its assets, it can also have a shortcoming in the form of less focus on the customer.

You may feel frustrated that the kind of service or packages you require is unavailable in a bank. You may also be frustrated by the high-interest rates or the hefty fees that...

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