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credit debt spending money Jan 06, 2018

According to, credit is a contractual agreement in which a borrower receives something of value now and agrees to repay the lender at some date in the future, generally with interest.  Now, it would be great if there was nothing on your credit report because you never had to borrow money, but for most Americans, that is definitely not the case.  The goal of this series is to get you acquainted with your credit, the terminology, the importance of paying attention, and how to fix it on your own (you don't need to pay anyone).  Let's get started!

My Story
Before I started this financial journey, I didn't know anything about a credit report or score.  I would get medical bills and never pay them thinking they just went into the abyss after a while.  I figured once they stopped sending me the bills in the mail, they didn't care about them anymore.  So, I went a long as if nothing was happening.  When I was 19, I applied for my...

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It's New Year's Eve!  This marks the occasion when everyone decides on their New Year's resolutions.  According to, the top resolution is to "lose weight/eat healthy" followed by "life/self-improvements" as number two.  These are great but I want to focus on the third most popular resolution which is "better financial decisions".  I assume you are here because this is where you want to improve.  What if I told you that by focusing on this one goal you can positively impact the other two top resolutions?  It has been proven that money issues cause stress and stress causes health issues.  That knocks out number 2!  But, how is "better financial decisions" linked to losing weight and healthier eating?  Allow me to explain!  One of the cornerstones of being wealthy is budgeting.  Most of the time eating unhealthy (fast food/junk food) is something that can be cut from your budget or minimized.  Therefore,...
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