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Did you know there are many different ways to invest in real estate?  Tiffany and Joshlyn talk about home buying, private and public REITs, Fundrise, and pooling money together to buy property with family and friends.  They also talk about how Joshlyn paid off $70,000 in debt in 1 1/2 years!

About Our Guest

Joshlyn Ross is a Homebuying Consultant & Podcaster with a personal mission to help 50 people purchase their first home within the next 365 days. She knows how overwhelming the process can be because she went through it.

After looking at homes for several months, she found herself frustrated at the fact that her financial report card continued to hold her back from each dream home she submitted an offer for.

Eventually, she created and implemented a plan to not only pay off her student loan debt but also to diversify her passive income streams with real estate investment trusts (REITs). Her initial goal was to pay off her debt in 2 years but with focus and execution,...

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Money is emotional!  Tiffany has talked about this time  and time again on the blog and podcast but this time she brings on YeSeul Kim to give a different perspective.  They drop so many gems on how they got past their financial trauma and how they handle money in their marriages.  How is your relationship with money?

About Our Guest

YeSeul is a business executive turned storyteller who loves hunting for the unexpected. When she is not recording podcasts, YeSeul is working on her book Business Love: Your MBA to Relationships and photo journalism project Humans of Treviso.

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 Tiffany sits down with Aja, a single mom that decided to leave the US to move abroad and save money.  This is the ultimate geographic arbitrage!  Remember that from Episode 23?  Aja has really mastered the art of moving somewhere else to live the life she wanted for her and her son!

About Our Guest

Aja is a woman living life on her terms. Four years ago she quit the American dream, moved abroad, and designed her own business. She also started homeschooling her son. Aja hosts the podcast, She Said We Shed which helps black women heal from black mama trauma and become the mothers they desire to be.

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The Uniform Security Act is model  legislation for securities industry regulation at the state level.  Each state may adopt the legislation in its entirety or it may adapt it (within limits) to suit its needs.

Why It's Important

The USA, as it is commonly called, protects investors from unethical practices.  It also ensures that people that choose to give investment advice are properly registered to do so.  In order to register with the state, a potential advisor has to take a licensing exam, pay fees, and submit the relevant paperwork.  

Does being registered with the state fully protect investors?  Absolutely not!  Registered advisors are sometimes subject to disciplinary action.  It happens all the time!  Your best defense is education!  There are resources such as Broker Check that allow you to see what disciplinary actions if any, were enacted on your current or potential advisor.

If you suspect an advisor is...

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Canceling a credit card can be extremely tricky if you are not aware of the steps associated with it. It is a process that requires pre-planning and careful consideration of every little factor. But do not stress! We will break down every step for you!

Issues Associated with Cancellation:

Before diving into the intricacies of canceling a credit card, we must warn you that it is rarely advisable to cancel one unless you face certain circumstances. It can backfire in some ways.

The two ways in which cancellation of a credit card can do more harm than good are:

  • Leftover perks that are unclaimed
  • Loss of credit

However, do not worry! If you need to cancel a credit card, we will ensure that you are well guided before leaping, and do not face any loss in terms of the two factors mentioned above.

Let's discuss the reasons why a credit card should generally be canceled.

Reasons for Cancellation:

The best reason to cancel a credit card is if the fee you are being charged for is too high....

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Join Tiffany as she breaks down her Top 10 favorite applications and programs that keep Money Talk With Tiff going!  She wants to inspire and empower other small business owners to make their jobs easier.


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Entrepreneurship isn’t just running a business; rather, it is a name given to anything done with intentions of changing the world. An entrepreneur is a world-changer, an innovator, and an opportunist. Now you might be wondering what entrepreneurship is? Let us explain to you in a little more detail!

Entrepreneurship is launching, developing, and running a business venture along with its financial risk. Such business ventures are valuable for economic development as it allows a country to expand its businesses and resources in the global market.

However, most people perceive entrepreneurship as one dimensional, and they do not think about their various types. Today, we have decided to clear this confusion for you and explain different types of entrepreneurial businesses.

Types of Entrepreneurial Businesses:

Small Business Entrepreneurship:

In today’s growing world, it is common to see that more small businesses are running than more prominent companies....

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A payday loan is a loan in which a lender gives the borrower a loan, typically under $500, that is due on the borrower's next payday.

Why It's Important

In my opinion, payday loans are a type of predatory lending.  They typically have high-interest rates and or fees.  These loans are extremely short term (ranging from 1 week to 4 weeks before the balance is due).  Most states have limitations on how much creditors can charge in fees.  These fees typically range between $10-$30 for every $100 borrowed.  Even at the low end, these fees are expensive.  Let's look at the numbers.  If we had a $15 fee per $100 borrowed, that would equate to an APR of about 400%.  It may not seem like the fees are a lot, but they do add up quickly!

Another disheartening point about payday loans is that the borrower is typically stuck in the cycle once they get in.  The lenders generally do not check the affordability of the loan.  In...

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To manage your finances, a sound, effective and thorough, understanding of finance, we call financial literacy is crucial. People should know how to manage their debts and save money. African Americans play a vital role in the economic establishment of the United States, but in comparison to their white counterparts, they still lag in financial wellness. Financial literacy is one of the main reasons behind this complex gap. Financial literacy and financial wellness are tightly intertwined, especially in African Americans.

One of the latest studies on the Personal Finance Index (P-Fin Index) conducted by GFLEC and TIAA institute provides new insights on Black financial literacy. 

There are eight areas on which P-Fin Index study is based: 

  • Earning
  • Consuming
  • Insuring
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Borrowing 
  • Managing debt
  • Comprehending risk and uncertainty 

Key Insights:

  • Only 38% of the answers were correct by African Americans compared to 55% of white people.

  • Their best...

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budget events podcast Jun 25, 2020

In this episode, Tiffany sits down with event planning extraordinaire Nikki Byrd to pick her brain on event planning, especially amid a crisis.  They talk about how event planners are essential to saving money.

About Our Guest

Nikki Byrd is the proud owner of Byrd Nest Events and Design LLC. They are a full-service event planning and design company located in Winston-Salem, NC. They love showing you how to have your Rainbows and Unicorns . They welcome the opportunity to help couples manage the most important day of their lives.

Nikki is a graduate of QC Event Planning. She has studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for interior design. She has 3 grown children, a partner of 19 years, and eight grandchildren.

Byrd Nest Events and Design LLC. seeks to provide the best client experience possible. So come fly over to our nest!

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