podcasts Jan 09, 2023

Every Monday at 9 PM exclusively on Twitter, Tiffany hosts a Space called FinNoir: A Space for Black Money Talk. This Space features a variety of black voices in personal finance to give their perspectives, information, and thoughts on money topics that affect the black community.

In this session, we discuss the Master P and Romeo situation.

Hosts: Tiffany Grant & Rahkim Sabree

Speakers: Markia Brown, Steven StackCamari Ellis, Nia Adams, Jonathan Thomas, Renita Young, Tamika HowellAnthony Weaver

Key Takeaways:

  • Tiffany Grant, Rahkim Sabree, Anthony Weaver, Steven Stack, and Jonathan Thomas discussed Master P's recent video in response to his son Romeo claiming he had not received any money from his career.
  • The conversation focused on financial empowerment and generational trauma within the black community.
  • Jonathan provided additional context about Master P's side of the story regarding raising a child into adulthood and 50 Cent’s similar situation with his son.
  • Rakim spoke about idolizing celebrities such as Master P who have made something out of nothing financially but also be aware that their children may have different perspectives due to age or other factors which can lead to conflicts between parents and children over finances.

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