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Aug 27, 2019


As the kids go back to school this week, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the many lessons I learned this summer. It was both challenging and cleansing. The message that I write my story and control my surroundings has never been more apparent! Here is what happened:


The Lowlights

  1. Braces - My gosh those things are expensive! It was time for my oldest son to get his braces at the beginning of the summer. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me talk about the braces before as I had known about it since the beginning of the year. I was prepared to cover my portion of the expense since his dad said he would cover half. Well, the day before the appointment, his dad said he is no longer working so he can't help. Frustrating! So, I had to figure out how to make a way for my son to get the care he needed. I talk about it in Episode 4 of my podcast.
  2. No Child Support - Of course, since my oldest son's dad wasn't working anymore, he could no longer pay his child support. Granted, I wasn't getting it for that long (5 months to be exact), but I had worked it into my budget. With that source of income gone unexpectedly, I had to work around it and cut my budget.
  3. Summer Camp - Why is summer camp so expensive? I had to pay about $600 a month for June, July, and August so my kids could have somewhere to go while I go to work. That cost was not including the $300 registration fee that I had to ante up before they even started. Whew! But, it was a necessary evil!

Now, mind you, all of these financial setbacks happened within a week or so of each other. But, I told myself that I could do this. I am not going to let it defeat me. If my debt payoff and saving have to be put on hold TEMPORARILY, it's ok!

The Highlights

  1. Started My Podcast - This was probably my most significant accomplishment of the summer! Not because it was difficult, but because I had procrastinated for soooo long. I doubted myself and my abilities, but I finally launched, and it feels so good! Sometimes, we allow self-talk to get in the way of our potential. Not any more! You can find all the episodes here!
  2. Financially Fine - Although the lowlights I talked about earlier happened, we were still fine financially. Once I made adjustments and remained calm, I was able to use a clear head to think through the obstacles. If you allow panic to set in, it makes it hard to make sound decisions because you are always firefighting.
  3. New Shirts - I launched new Money Talk With Tiff shirts and they were a huge hit! Apparel releases were another area I procrastinated in. I had tried to create shirts last year, and they were horrible! (I learned that shirt creation was not my strong point). This time, I hired a professional, and they look great! I will soon have more shirts in other designs. Most of which I will debut at FinCon!
  4. No More Corporate - I put in my notice, and I am done with corporate for good! My last day is Friday, and I can not wait to focus more on Money Talk With Tiff! I had quit corporate last year (see post here) and somehow got sucked back in. LOL! I have learned that I am a speaker and a teacher, and it is best to use those gifts by being in the community. I am excited for what's to come!
  5. Award Nominations, FinCon Scholarship, and "Top Lists" - Wow! A lot of this I have never even dreamed of. I never thought I was a good writer or that I would be good at podcasting or that I would be an inspiration to those around me, but here I am! One of my blogging buddies recommended I make a press page to house all of my achievements so I will be working on that next. I need to make sure everything is documented because it feels so surreal. Am I up? Am I still dreaming? It's crazy! The accomplishments are how I know I am doing what I am supposed to be. Doors continue to open, and I am here for all of it!

So, although this summer was challenging, there were far more positives than negatives! I have learned to be grateful, enjoy life, and write my own story this summer. What has happened to you this summer? Please share your highlights and lowlights to encourage someone else.

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