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personal debt Apr 12, 2018


I just sold my 2016 Honda CR-V!  I bought it brand new and still owed about $21,650 but I felt like it was time.  Car payments make a huge difference in any debt free journey especially when they are around $400 a month!  That's not taking into consideration the taxes, maintenance, insurance, and gas.  I decided that to make my goal of being debt free by 30, I needed to cut this expense.  The car dealership was looking at me like I was sick or something was wrong but I told them I am completely fine.  I just have a goal that I need to get to and I am determined!  They admired me for being so young and thinking long term.  It was an easy decision for me and it all happened in less than a week.  I bought a 2010 Mazda CX-7 for $5,850.  I paid most in cash and the rest I financed.  Just like that I got rid of over $15,000 in debt!  My new balance is $51,748.91!  #debtfreeby30  

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