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financial coaching money management personal debt personal finance podcasts Jun 30, 2022

Florian Fritz joins Tiffany in this week's episode to share his expertise on how he helps others build financial freedom, and breaks down the differences between financial institutions in Austria and the United States. 

About Our Guest

Florian is the founder of the Money Hero Academy, where he is teaching small business owners how build true wealth and financial freedom by working on money mindset, money management and money making skills.
As a financial advisor, Florian realized during the last financial crisis in 2008 that the financial industry was only looking out for their own best interest and not that of their clients.
That's why he learned from some of the world's best financial coaches like Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad advisors and many others how wealth creation really works. He tested many of the learnings working with a real estate company, increasing their sales by 86% per year on average for 9 years and helping hundreds of people to improve their investment returns. He created a system from what he learned and his own experience that allows everyone to take control of their finances and create the life of their dreams instead of always hoping for the next raise or the next client.
Florian is an International Trainer who has shared virtual stages with people like Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic, Joseph Mclendon III and many others.

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