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Live from FinCon 2021, Tiffany sits down with this year's keynote speaker for FinCon, Jaspreet Singh. Jaspreet and Tiffany talk about Jaspreet's journey with his company and how to adopt the 'minority mindset.'

About Our Guest

Jaspreet Singh is a serial entrepreneur, licensed attorney, and the founder of Minority Mindset, a financial media company & YouTube Channelwith over one million subscribers.  Although he didn’t receive any formal financial education – he’s on a mission to make financial education fun and accessible.

Jaspreet is the Chief Executive Money Nerd at Minority Mindset and the host of the Minority Mindset YouTube Channel. Jaspreet is self-taught. His parents are immigrants from the state of Punjab, India. Like many of his second generation Indians, Jaspreet grew up thinking that he needed to become a doctor. But he found a new path. He started his first business – an event planning company – when he was in college.

He started Minority Mindset as a hobby just to teach others how to not make the same mistakes he made. Jaspreet pursued Minority Mindset full time after graduating law school. Now Minority Mindset has grown into a full media company. His company is completely bootstrapped. As he likes to say, YouTube funded his business. He uses his viral YouTube channel’s revenue to fund and grow Minority Mindset. His brand has helped countless people get out of debt, start investing, and create a plan towards building wealth.

 Connect with Jaspreet

Website: https://theminoritymindset.com

Instagram: @minoritymindset

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/minoritymindset

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Facebook: Money Talk With Tiff
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