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personal finance Oct 28, 2021

Live from FinCon 2021, Denzel shares his experience as a first timer at FinCon. Denzel and Tiffany discuss his journey entering the finance world, what got him started on his youtube channel, and how he helps like minded individuals master their finances. 

 About Our Guest

Denzel's mission is to help mothers master their personal finances so they can build kingdoms of their own according to their own spiritual gifts and talents. 

Being raised by a single mom in a low-income environment, Denzel realized at an early age that he wanted to learn about money management to help support his family. After he entered the workforce as a young man, he started building credit, leveraging his cash flow and paying off debt really fast. It wasn’t until later that he realized he was practicing the concepts of velocity banking without even knowing the terminology and fundamentals behind it. 

One of his first clients was his own mother. The results Denzel was able to achieve with her sparked a lot of passion in him to help other moms. He discovered that he had a spiritual gift and talent for helping people with their finances. Denzel started his business out of necessity after losing his job, and through various circumstances found himself over $25,000 in debt. In spite of all the obstacles, he pushed through and began helping people first sticking to the principle of giving and receiving which provided results beyond his imagination. Since then, he's been blessed to help more than 1100+ families - men, women, and young people. He teaches velocity banking concepts on his YouTube channel, which has over 2.7 million views so far, and 38,000+ subscribers. He also has over 337 contributors to his mission to help mothers master their finances and build their kingdom. 

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