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What is earned from salaries or wages and other sources like bonuses, interest, dividends, housing allowance, etc.

Why It's Important

So, you may be thinking, well, duh, Tiffany.  I know what income is.  I make it every day!  But are you maximizing your income?  That's the key point here.  I have learned that sometimes people have legit income issues.  They can get their budget to the bare minimum and still end up in the negative.  If this sounds like you, I urge you to reevaluate your income.  Whether that means you need to find another job, start a business, start a side hustle, or join the gig economy.  It is nearly impossible to make headway on your goals if you don't have enough income coming in.  

Income looks like a variety of different things, as exhibited from the definition section.  Think outside the box!  I am sure you have some income to tap into that you haven't yet.  Be creative!

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