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money management personal finance Jun 05, 2018


If I had $1 for every person that I talked to that was unhappy at their job I would be a millionaire (ok maybe a thousandaire) but nevertheless we go in day after day usually living paycheck to paycheck.  Recently, I quit my job.  It was abrupt and no, I didn't have another job to go to.  I just wanted a better quality of life for me and my boys.   

A Brief History
If you remember a few posts back (A New Appreciation for Life), I discussed how stressed I was and how my health was starting to suffer as a result. It took me having a practically near death experience to realize that I wasn't making a living, I was making a dying. I was killing myself slowly by giving companies my all and not leaving anything for myself let alone my kids. I was in bad shape. My family could even tell something was wrong. I was no longer my happy, laughing self but just a shell going through the motions. I decided enough was enough and made June 1st my last day. I had had enough and if I didn't make the change, no one was going to make it for me.

So, Here I Am
I am on Day 2 of not being a part of the rat race and it feels great! I have been able to get quite a bit accomplished including registering my business name, developing more blog content, speaking to mentors, and studying for my CFP and MBA. My boys are visibly happier because they have a mom who's happier. A mom who is able to come home and be attentive, caring, and loving. Not a mother who brings home stress from the 8-5. It takes a lot to walk away from a job making almost $60,000 a year but sometimes you have to take a step backward to propel forward. Have you noticed that in order for an arrow to propel forward, you have to pull it back, aim, and then let it go? That is where I am in my life.

How Do I Survive?
Savings - I have stressed the importance of paying yourself first in a few of my posts. This is one reason why! It gives you flexibility and options. I had a nice little cushion saved up before I made the decision to call it quits. I recommend about 3-6 months of liquid savings to hold you over until you can find something else

Budgeting - I am already on a budget but with no income coming in, I had to make it a little tighter. Once I was able to get my budget to the bare bones, I realized I could survive on about $1,300 a month. That includes all of the essentials and my car payment. Remember when I sold my car (She's Gone!!!!!), that is serving me very well right now. My car payment and insurance is significantly lower. I don't think I would have been able to survive right now with the 2016 Honda CR-V. Avoid high car payments by any means necessary!

Income ‚Äč- In addition to consulting and my website, I decided to drive for Uber and Lyft. I have been driving on and off as a side hustle since August of last year. It is a good way to get quick money. I figured if I could make about $50 a day which is equivalent to around 3 hours of driving, I could make enough to survive.

Passion - Because I know I am focusing on my passion, financial coaching, I have more bandwidth. I do not get tired of it! I can talk about money 24/7 and still want to talk some more. That is the secret! "Passion is energy. Feel the power from focusing on what excites you" - Oprah Winfrey

Your Turn!
You can do it! Don't allow a job to control your life. They can and will replace you! Even if you don't take a drastic step like I did, make sure you make time for yourself. Take that vacation you always wanted to. Take a few days just to do nothing. You need the time to rejuvenate and come back fresh. You deserve it!

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