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business & entrepreneurship financial coaching money management personal finance Jan 01, 2022

Written by: Erik Bergman

We often find ourselves in unique situations where rational thinking is necessary to overcome obstacles. But despite knowing all this, we tend to overthink a lot. Overthinking isn't necessarily a bad trait, but it can become a negative habit. Stopping overthinking means training your mind to look past the pros and cons of every situation. Moreover, it means avoiding unnecessary thoughts and putting aside unimportant details. 

For those of you struggling with overthinking, I'm going to tell you how to stop it and why you should do it. While there are many reasons to flicker off the thinking process, here are the ones I worry about the most.

4 Reasons How and Why You Should Stop Overthinking

It Can Give You A Headache

By far, one of the most annoying symptoms of overthinking is the good ol' headache. A headache is such a common disorder that one in twenty adults has a headache nearly every day. Being bogged down by unnecessary stuff can quickly overwhelm your mind. I tend to get headaches whenever constantly repeating the same thoughts repeatedly. It's not healthy and not helpful in any situation. Overthinking gets you nowhere and only drains your energy. The more your batteries are depleted, the easier it is to get a headache. 

So one way to stop overthinking and not get a headache is to put your mind at ease. Don't think about the unimportant things and instead focus on what matters most. Stop listing the pros and cons of every situation and instead let go.

It Makes It Difficult To Make the Right Decision About Life And Finances

Another reason why you should stop overthinking is that it clouds your judgment. How often have you been in a situation where you immediately change your mind after deciding on something? I'm betting on the fact that this happens to you way too often. You hesitate and don't make the first move at the girl at the bar. You know that particular software for your business is the right tool to grow, but you instead raise doubts. 

Don't get me wrong, you should think about it before making an important decision. But once you compare all the options, you go without any doubt. The moment you raise doubts, you're overthinking. In the world of business and personal finances, overthinking can work against you. 

It makes you feel less confident and questions your ability to make the right decision. There isn't an easier way to sabotage yourself when it comes to finances than to put too much thinking into it. You might've found the perfect stock to invest in, but you worry about the smallest detail and overthink if your investment is going to crash. That kind of "thinking" will only lose you money. The more information you have, the less information your process, which does not help make the right decision, especially about finances. Nowadays, in this fast-moving world of finances and investing, you can miss many chances by overthinking it.

But how do you free yourself of this behavior? The best way to stop overthinking is to take the decision out of your hand when it comes to money decisions.

It Works Against You

Some see overthinking as a positive behavior. They see it as a means to shield themselves from bad decisions. But sadly, these people are only missing out on unique opportunities. Overthinking also means being imprisoned by your thoughts. It clouds your viewpoint, clouds your judgment, and that prevents you from seeing what's in front of you.

But what's in front of you is something truly spectacular; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Wouldn't you do anything to seize it? When you get rid of the habit of overthinking, you get the ability to identify opportunities that will positively affect you. 

It Makes It Difficult To Enjoy Life

Overthinking affects all aspects of life. It touches everything and turns it into a difficult choice. Wouldn't it be nice to live a life free of worrying about every little detail? While many would want that to be true, sadly, it isn't. Escaping the habit of overthinking requires a lot of self-work. On my podcast on how to stop overthinking, I talk about how to remove self-doubt, stop feeling overwhelmed, and stop comparing yourself to others.

These three habits all negatively affect you and your ability to think rationally. In short, these actions result in overthinking. Overthinking makes it difficult to enjoy life in general. Sure, you might worry too much about making the right business decision, but you don't have to worry about your upcoming holiday. Just book the flight and be done with it. If you think about every small decision in your life, you'll live a life full of worry. 

That makes it difficult to do anything. Constantly worrying about things means spending time on these decisions. By focusing on inner peace, you free your mind of worry, stress, fears, and unnecessary thoughts. Not only that, but you make it easier to enjoy life to the fullest. 

So, How To Stop Overthinking?

While it might sound easy to train your mind to stop overthinking, the truth can be more difficult for some of you. Overthinking is a bad habit that you need to stop doing it. So how do you do it? You do it by being aware of it. Through time, you will train your mind to think differently - to stop overthinking. And as time passes, you will build the mental fortitude necessary to become mentally stronger.

Getting rid of the habit doesn't happen overnight, so there isn't a better time to start than now. 

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