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Tiffany sits down with public speaker and coach, Jillian Johnsrud to discuss the challenges involved in entrepreneurship and business ownership. Jillian highlights tips and tricks from her book, Firing the Haters. Listen to this episode to learn how to deal with issues such as imposter syndrome and how to start creating emotional boundaries in your professional and personal life. 

About Our Guest

After becoming financially independent at 32 years old, Jillian turned her personal and professional experience towards a creative life. She is a popular public speaker, teaches online classes, coach, and writer. Her book Fire the Haters: Finding the Courage to Create Online in a Critical World helps creatives and entrepreneurs share their best work with the world. She hosts the Everyday Courage Podcast. Her husband and she live in Montana, near Glacier National Park with their 5 kids. She’s an avid traveler and drinker of hot tea. You can connect with her at

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