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investing investment podcast real estate Mar 12, 2021

Have you heard of house hacking?  In this episode, Jen Narciso, real estate investor and avid house hacker, explains the concept and how it helped her family get started in real estate investing.  Catch these gems!

**This episode was recorded in 2020.  So, disregard any mention of dates by Tiff and Jen.**

About Our Guest

Jen Narciso is the host of the Investor Mama Podcast, a wife, mom, daughter, granddaughter, real estate investor, business owner, and project manager. An adamant reader and a consumer of content geared towards helping individuals reach financial independence.

Jen believes anyone can get out of debt and get financial independence by getting educated, changing their habits and changing their money beliefs. Her goal is to help many moms and dads with their money journey so they can set an example for the next generation.

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