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podcast psychology Nov 21, 2019

​In this episode, Tiffany interviews two guests!  Krista Goodrich and Grace Everitt talk about the tough topic of divorce.  Find out how these two ladies made it through some financially nasty divorces and strategies they had to apply to get their financial life back on track.

About our Guests
Krista Goodrich lives in Daytona Beach, Florida with her husband, Colin, and their dogs. She is momma to her daughter, Kiki (name changed to protect privacy), who is currently in college for hospitality. A lifelong serial entrepreneur, Krista continues to invest in real estate and companies, always looking for new opportunities. She currently owns or is partner in 17 companies including real estate investment companies, art studios, a bar and a tourist experience company. She loves presenting at corporate conferences and for women’s groups, and actively participates in organizations that help and empower women. As a community activist, Krista is involved in her local government and local business organizations. When she is not writing, volunteering, or investing, she spends her free time boating, fishing, surfing, diving, traveling, doing OCR races and working out.

Grace Everitt has been writing and editing for over 10 years, with experience in both print and digital media. An independent thinker and entrepreneur, she is the founder and president of Grace Marketing Group™, providing authentic marketing solutions to clients across the country…from her home office, in her yoga pants, with her dog Pants at her feet. If she’s not working, chances are this Boss Lady is in the kitchen, indulging her passion for food by playing with flavors and happily pretending to be a chef. Check her out on Instagram @tigrita_thelittletiger for more.

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