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insurance podcast Nov 14, 2019

​Insurance, insurance, insurance!  Join Tiffany as she talks insurance with Acquania Escarne, a licensed insurance agent.  They discuss everything from term life to whole life and even long term care.  Get your pen and paper ready for these gems!

About our Guest
Acquania Escarne is a financial coach, freelance blogger, and real estate investor committed to helping people find financial freedom and build generational wealth. As a financial coach, she equips her clients with "outside the box" finance tips and tricks people can incorporate in their daily lives in order to meet and exceed their financial and personal goals. Her coaching is individually tailored to address all financial situations. Also, through her website, The Purpose of Money, she shows women how to invest and save more so they can live a more fulfilling and prosperous life.

Her passion for personal finance and investing began when she was in high school and her father gave her a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. At 16 years old, Acquania opened a Roth Individual Retirement Account and has been seeking financial independence and early retirement (FIRE) ever since. She aspires to create generational wealth for her family, and has created multiple streams of income for her family to enjoy today! She still works a 9 to 5 but is counting down until the day her residual income provides enough money for all of her family’s needs.

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