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Uncategorized Sep 03, 2019


FinCon starts tomorrow, but this post has nothing to do with money! Yesterday, I spent the day cherishing my loved ones, especially my son, because I know I am going to be away for a little bit. I only had one son yesterday, so it gave me time to provide one on one attention and affection. I am always working and hustling, and the good part is my kids see that. Also, the bad part is my kids see that.  I need to slow down just a tad and find balance.  My oldest has started thinking of his own business ideas. He wants to own a restaurant (for now), and I encourage that. I remember when I was his age, I too wanted to own a restaurant. I was told that being a chef was a man's occupation and that a woman wouldn't make it to the top. Yes, this is what I was told by a very close family member.

Still, I never gave up on that dream. I applied and got accepted into Johnson & Wales, a prestigious culinary school. But, those dreams were derailed when I found out I was pregnant with that same son. When I see that he is sitting down, making a menu or thinking of food prices, I encourage that. When he wants to help in the kitchen, I support that. I want to see him be whatever the hell he wants to be, and I am behind him 110%. 

My youngest son loves to save money, and he's only 5. I wonder where he gets that from? Haha! His dad called me the other day and was like he was picking up all the change at his house and putting it in his pocket. When he came home, he requested that it goes in his piggy bank.

Meanwhile, my oldest is like, "Oh, we can spend it on this and that." My youngest says. "No, I am putting it in my piggy bank." I don't butt in with my beliefs.  I just enjoy seeing the exchange.

I love that they are picking up on my good habits, but they also notice that I work too much. One day last week, I was off to finish up my Lean Six Sigma certification, and I made it home in time to get them off the bus. My youngest son hit a burst of speed running towards me that I have never seen before and my oldest was smiling the whole walk from the bus stop. The joy and excitement those kids displayed just because they get to see me as soon as they get home from school was so fulfilling. It's these little joys we miss out on when we are always busy. 

After yesterday, I decided that I am going to make a conscious effort to enjoy my kids and all of the shenanigans they have to offer every moment. I am going to pick up on the little things like my oldest wanting his own restaurant and my youngest wanting to save money and help them cultivate those passions. I am going to make a living not a dying. 

My challenge for you today is to find something to be grateful for OR just notice one small thing that you haven't seen before. It will give you a different perception of life. 

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