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Anna sits down with Tiffany to explain the Five Mental Games that we as humans play and how these affect our daily lives and interactions. Anna breaks down how these are helpful to know for entrepreneurs and how her work helps individuals uncover their true potential.

About Our Guest

Anna Lang connects aspiring & current entrepreneurs with the core values and skills their life demonstrates as important, so they can create clarity, live in alignment and identify the audience they are uniquely positioned to serve.

As an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, potential has been a cornerstone in everything Anna has ever done. It is what has gotten her up in the morning and kept her going late into the night. Anna's stand is that all people and all ideas have the opportunity to be developed, empowered & their potential fully realized. Whether through teaching, facilitation, networking or know-how, Anna is dedicated to having conversations, creating connections and taking on projects that will enable this reality.

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