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How to run your business


business business growth entrepreneurship operations Sep 02, 2021

How to run your business

Wayne shares gems the three key elements that every business owner needs to know for a successful business. Wayne and Tiffany drop gems on how to operationalize your business and avoid hidden costs. 

About Our Guest

With over three decades of managing operations ‘in-the-trenches,’ running a successful business, and speaking, Wayne’s view of ‘operational excellence’ is radically different. Wayne has learned ‘operational excellence’ is not a destination, but an ongoing journey, in pursuit of a company’s strategic objectives.
Sometimes called, ‘The Doctor of Operations,’ Wayne is known for his skill in diagnosing ailing operations, prescribing a course of action, and serving as mentor during implementation. Wayne’s blend of real-world examples, a conversational approach, and transparency, connects Wayne with his clients and audiences in an authentic, engaging, and ‘truly unique’ way.

Wayne has managed an $18 million expense budget, a $5 million
capital budget, and led over 100 employees as facility manager
for the Mead Johnson Nutritional Division of Bristol Myers Squibb, in Evansville, Indiana. Wayne is the founder and current CEO of a 20+-year-old facility management company.

Wayne’s efforts at Mead Johnson resulted in an annual average
reduction of 7% in the division’s facility costs over a three-year
period. When you get Wayne, you get a driven, focused, and
results oriented individual as demonstrated by his personal
achievement of losing 230 pounds in 11 months using ‘diet
and exercise.’

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