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business & entrepreneurship financial coaching money management personal debt personal finance podcasts May 12, 2022

Marie Sonneman joins Tiffany in this episode and shares her secrets on how she was able to pay off $106,000 of debt in 2 years! Marie drops some gems on how to tackle debt and how you can be badass by mastering your money too.

About Our Guest

Marie Sonneman is a Badass! But she didn’t always feel that way (even when she became a police officer). After a lot of inner work, she discovered that Badassery comes from mindset and confidence, not from objects like a gun, a motorcycle, or a leather jacket. A big part of her journey to Badassery, was paying off $106,000 in debt, and she went on to become a Financial Coach.   

Marie wants to help you master your confidence in life, and with your money, and give you the support you need so your inner Badassery can shine through to the outside.


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