podcasts Apr 22, 2021

You will find many gems in this episode as Charles Weems, a successful entrepreneur, shares tons of his knowledge with Tiffany.

About Our Guest

Charles E. Weems III was born and raised in Decatur, Ga. He attended Columbia High School and received a full golf scholarship to Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana. While in school, Mr. Weems began his software engineering career by having the opportunity to work with university IT professionals to improve school-related software and work with the schools' web presence using technologies such as Adobe Flash. Upon graduating from college with a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics, he began his career at a small IT firm located in the Atlanta area as a junior software engineer specializing in web application development for government agencies. He also worked with smaller clients, building websites and tutoring students in mathematics. After learning more about business through relationships with other business owners, in 2006, Charles organized Weems Design Studio (WDS), starting with himself to offer his expertise in web design and software engineering to small firms. Mr. Weems has received many accolades from industry professionals for his expertise in software engineering, like being one of the first to implement HTML5 technology to design games that could be implemented on mobile devices and gaming consoles. Today, WDS has grown to a staff of 50+ people and expanded its services to include data analytics and bioinformatics. He has held a position as chairman of the board with Ga Tech's I3L organization, focusing on healthcare IT research. Most recently, Mr. Weems has received Class II Award with the GMSDC for companies that gross between $1M and $10M annually, Small Contractor of the Year for USDA for work with modernization, and nominated for the National award with the GMSDC. He has been featured in Black Enterprises Magazine, The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA,) and TVOne online. He is married and has a little girl on the way. He enjoys golf, martial arts and loves the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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