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financial coaching investing podcasts retirement planning Apr 16, 2021

Tiffany sits down with Bevin to talk all things financial wellness. Bevin shares some gems when it comes to investing and gets real about her real estate investing strategy. In this episode, learn everything you need to know about contributing to your 401k, paying off debt, and so much more. 

About Our Guest

Bevin Morgan is a Financial Wellness Coach that specializes in helping Black female entrepreneurs and creators gain confidence in their financial futures with a touch of woo woo. Through either 1:1 coaching or her new group course, you will learn to manage your money mindset, create an ideal future vision, get intimately familiar with your current reality and then take the one next step you need to fix your finances. If you don’t need coaching, join the private social network (no, it’s not a Facebook group) to find accountability from women like you, curated resources and expert advice to help you bust through your current financial challenges.


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Email: [email protected]


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