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business & entrepreneurship financial coaching personal finance podcasts Mar 31, 2022

In this episode, Tiffany sits down with Chief Strategy Consultant of AJOY Consulting, Jasmine Beard to talk all things needed to build a successful brand. Jasmine breaks down the basics to building a brand, and the importance of customer experience in furthering your business.

About Our Guest

Meet our guest speaker- Jasmine Beard, Chief Strategy Consultant of AJOY Consulting, LLC. Jasmine is a native of North Carolina. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs & Development and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from UNCG and she also studied Macroeconomics and Business Administration in Curitiba, Brazil.
In addition to being fluent in 4 languages, she spent several years leading and managing successful global and national projects with the Volvo Group and other fortune 500 companies. She also has an extensive track record of enriching strategic operations for corporations and nonprofits.

In addition to serving on multiple executive nonprofit boards, she has recently been certified in Talent Optimization aligning with her passion for doing business with people. In 2018, she started her own company, AJOY Consulting, LLC which is a strategic management consulting firm that puts her clients on the express lane to maximize their customers’ experience in the form of business expansion and referrals. She's also part of the #1 Predictive Index Elite Global Partner Team- MVP Results which specializes in decoding the human.

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