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Dr.Victor Manzo Jr joins Tiffany in this week's episode to breakdown the role of scarcity and abundance mindset in business and how he coaches his clients to build a life of success for themselves.

About Our Guest

Dr. Vic is a former Certified Pediatric Chiropractor who has become a business mindset coach.
He is the author of 3 books, which is most recent, "Decoding The Matrix," which has come out this past May 2022. Dr. Vic is the creator and owner of The Mindful Experiment Podcast which has been ranked in the top 1% of podcasts globally from He has a unique and diverse background that allows him to help his clients become more whole and lead a more fulfilled life through leveraging one's own minds and reframing one's mindsets.

Dr. Vic does this by helping his clients become aware of their limiting beliefs, habits, standards, and the stories they tell themselves. Once they are aware, then he shares how they can reframe, change and create beliefs that support their dream life. 

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[00:00:00] Voiceover: You know what it is. That's right. It's time to talk money with your money nerd and financial coach. Now tighten those purse strings and open those ears. It's the money talk with TIF podcast.

[00:00:15] Tiffany Grant: Hey everyone. And welcome to another episode of the money. Talk with TIF podcast. So today I have Dr. Vic Monzo on the line now.

Former certified pediatric chiropractor who has become a business mindset coach. He is the author of three books, which his most recent decoding the matrix just came out this year in may. So congratulations, super exciting. And Dr. Vick is also the creator and owner of the mindful experiment podcast, which has been ranked in the top 1% of podcasts globally.

According to listen notes again. Congratulations. But thank you so much, Dr. Bick for coming on the show

[00:00:49] Victor Manzo Jr: today. I'm excited to be here and have this wonderful convo with you.

[00:00:53] Tiffany Grant: Absolutely. So mindset. We're getting into something that I love to talk about. So I'm sure that this will be a [00:01:00]very lively conversation.

So to get us started, I wanted to hit on what are. Let's just get into money mindset first. When you look in at scarcity versus abundance mindset, what does that even mean? I know a lot of people are listening and oh my gosh, here they go with these buzzwords and stuff. But what does that even mean when we're talking in the realms of money?

[00:01:20] Victor Manzo Jr: When you look at things, now I can go, I love taking this in many different perspectives of like where you have a left brain and a right brain, left brain is very limited. It's very black and white, a right brain is colorful. It's more abstract. It takes a lot more information. So when we look at limitations in life or scarcity, that's coming from.

Brain, because we're thinking that this there's only so much that's available. There's only so much money that can go around. There's only so much that I can have, or this is what it is. If I don't get this client I'm doomed or if I don't get this is gonna happen. Or man, this next fight I have with my relationship's gonna boot it's over.

Or if I don't do this program, I'm gonna lose. I'm not gonna be healthier. I'm gonna lose the weight. [00:02:00] The scarcity can go in so many realms. I'm just sharing the variability. . And so it's always thinking that you have that one. It's this one thing that's gonna be either make or break you especially in a financial aspect, rather than looking at the abundance side, which is more right.

Brain, more spiritually that there is enough always going around. There's always abundance. There's no limitations. If you look at nature, there's always abundance. Nature always has abundance. There's no limitations in any way, shape or form. The universe is like that. The universe has infinite resources.

You are infinite resources. You have infinite. These are spiritual truths. I've been around for thousands of years. Quantum physics has supported that neuroscience has supported that. So when you really look at the aspect, then it's just what mindset have you been conditioned into the world?

Because when we come into this world, we're more abundant minded. We know that if you look at a child, they don't go. If I don't get up and walk right now, I'm done. That's it. I'll never walk in my entire life. No, they can. They fall. I forgot what. I think it's like 2000 falls by the time they're two years old.

Now that's not just from [00:03:00] walking. That's other things too, but there's a lot of falls. A kid goes through. Just to get to the point of walking in walking, it may seem simple. There is so much that has to happen, neurologically and muscularly to get to that point from a crawling perspective to erect up on two feet.

It's just as humans walking on two. Amazing in itself of what the brain could do to do that. So that's the aspect. When we look at a scarcity. But here's the thing now where I said quantum physics comes in or even neuroscience because how you see your life. It's what it's going to be, how you project out.

This is why I love mindset work. I started in, as a chiropractor, but I also went into energy medicine and I started learning spirituality and spiritual truths and ancient wisdom. I studied a ton of things. And then I'd started to go that's great. I got the spiritual side, but then you're talking to people and.

that's crazy stuff. Yeah that's a great idea. A lot of people say that, oh, that's woo. And I say, okay, fine. You wanna do that? And this, the way I work is like, all right, I'm gonna get the science on this. Cuz it ha there has to be science somewhere. And quantum physics at the time was just starting [00:04:00] to uncover like how consciousness works and how it plays a role.

And I was kind like, oh my goodness, this is what I want to know. And then I eventually revisited back to what I learned in the chiropractic school about the brain and neuroscience, different centers. And I was like, oh, this is what that means. Oh, wow. That part of the brain means that. So if you have a scarcity mindset, you'll never be abundant unless you change it.

It's just, that's just the fact, because if you understand how the mind works and how you play along in some of the universal laws, like the law of vibration or law of attraction and. When you think that this is my, this is where this is. This is the belief I have. That's a code. And I call it a code.

And that is basically, it's like a computer program that code's gonna run the same, no matter what, till you change it. And so now all of a sudden, if you have scarcity, it will always you'll see. Scarcity. You'll see it in your bank account. You'll see it in this. You'll make more money and still have the same.

It's always gonna be the same thing until you break out of that, uncover that limiting belief or just change you can't just change. You could change a mindset, but there's a lot of stuff that's [00:05:00] underneath the hood that you have to do the work there. Because it, you didn't just have a scarcity.

There was conditioning. There was programming, there was baggage, there was limiting beliefs. There was all this stuff that gave you a, the reasoning of having a scarcity mindset rather than, cuz a lot of people would be like, oh, just shift your mindset. How an abundant mindset. And that's, I'm always like.

It doesn't work that way. There's you can't just do that. It you're creating a false and some people are like, oh, at work, look at what happened. I'm like, okay, great. Give me three months and let's talk. And then three months later, they're like, dang it, you were right. I'm like, I'm not trying to be Mr.

Negative. I'm just telling you that you have to, there's a cert, it's not about what you do. It's the way you do something is going to give you those results and you have to do the inner work. You can't just cut off a weed at top and say, oh, weed's gone. I took care of it. And you never got to the root system.

[00:05:44] Tiffany Grant: Exactly. You said so many things I wanna hit on Justin . Because I tell people all the time you can go into negative autopilot, you can go into positive autopilot. It's the same. So you, I personally, I would rather go into positive autopilot, [00:06:00] meaning when I wake up, I'm giving. Thanks. I'm grateful.

I say some affirmations and then the rest of my day is awesome. If I get up and I'm like, oh my gosh, today is so horrible. I don't feel like getting out the bed. Then you start going into negative autopilot and it's just all downhill from there. Definitely there's so much I wanna hit on one thing I definitely wanna hit.

I don't wanna dig deeper, deeper into the scarcity mindset. So let's talk about what type of limiting beliefs. First of all, because I like to always start with the basics. What is a limiting belief?

[00:06:32] Victor Manzo Jr: It's a belief that thinks that you there's only a certain amount, there's a ceiling to something there's a limit to something it can, and the limit could come in so many different ways.

But there's no infinite potential. There's no like past a certain point. So like a limiting belief would be something that's just, as, you're not like when it comes to money, you usually get paid for what you value, what you think you're worth is most of the time. And so like someone like myself who had a very low self worth it was hard.

Put a price point that was more on a higher point. I'd [00:07:00] be like, eh, you know what, I'm gonna go a little lower. Cause I wanna make it more affordable because I, and really, it was like, hold up here. But when I can looked at the industry of chiropractors, I'm like, hold on here. I have not only, I know not only just one technique, I know 30 something techniques.

I'm not just this, I'm this type of guy. I'm a science guy. I'm this, I'm that. And I had a really I had to look outside myself first and just say get my, I had to rev myself. I had to motivate myself. And then there came a point where I was. Okay, that doesn't work. Cause I gotta keep doing that.

Never stops. And I started looking inward. But it's something that there's, self-worth, there's I'm going blank right now, but there's multitudes. You can think that you just, man, why am I going only with self-worth there's a lot of other ones too, man. I'm going blank.

[00:07:36] Tiffany Grant: You know why, cuz maybe we need to go ahead and talk about that. Let's talk about self-worth right. . I struggle with that for a long time in business as well. And I feel like most business owners do like everybody I've ever come across, they struggle with the same thing. Oh my gosh, how can I price myself?

What should I price myself? What is my value? What is my worth? And. Literally, honestly, just recently and I've been doing this for [00:08:00] five years or so now. And just recently I was like, you know what, Tiffany business is your trade. I'm like you spent time, money, effort, learning business, like all your degrees and stuff for in business.

And. That knowledge is valuable. Look how much you spent in student loans. It's valuable information. And so I used to undervalue myself and, do meetings for $20 a meeting, whatever. Cause I was like, oh, I wanna keep it affordable. I wanna make sure that I help, other people and this, that, and the other.

And then when I upped my. People still paid it. So I said, huh. So you mean to tell me , so let's talk about that a little bit, because I feel like that's important for not only business owners, but people that are also working in like corporate America or whatever job that they're in. I feel and this is going back to my experience in HR.

I feel like people undervalue themselves. So what are some things that people can do? [00:09:00] Just thinking through what. Said take inventory of what you've done, what you've accomplished things like that, but what are some other things that people can do to realize what their value.

[00:09:11] Victor Manzo Jr: Yeah, I think the biggest thing is believing in yourself and understanding the power that I wish I, I had that sooner. Cause that's where it really gave me the power. Like I can believe that can help. I can serve, I can take it to the highest level. Even in coaching, it was one of those when I started to do coaching and it was one of those things.

I was like, man, I don't know what to charge. And I started so low compared to what I should. Here, I've already built an established business. I already understand this stuff. I'm ready to teach it. And then what did I. I went low. Why? Cuz I felt wow, I don't have social proof. I really have anyone who done the program yet.

And I did that for a little bit. And then I was just like, what am I doing? Hold up. I don't need, yeah, social proof is important, but all I need is just to get one client. When one client comes, they'll see what I can do. And then all of a sudden, and that's what kind of happened and it just blew up really quick.

But the other, the thing you brought up too, like when you raise your prices or you go to the higher end. What I teach a lot of my clients is that as I'm always telling 'em, [00:10:00] if they're in the service industry or if they're a chiropractor, I'm. I'm always like charge your worth of what you are willing to pay, but at the same token, know that when you charge more, you're gonna get better.

You're gonna get better clients or better patients with that. Because when we pay out of our pocket, like I, I have working with a client one time and they're like, I barely have this much savings left and I'm putting it all. I'm gonna put it with you with coaching. And I looked and I said, great, you're gonna get unbelievable success because of that.

And they were just like, yeah, but I'm nervous. I'm scared. I'm like, don't worry about that because you're making an action. Here. This is what I have left you. You're this is what I'm putting in here. I'm investing in myself. I need someone to guide me. And I was like, because of that the motivation in driving you is gonna be extremely high.

So when you look at it, it's how do I believe? How do I get belief in myself? How do I, understand the one thing is that you have a gift. Okay. And when I tell, when I work with clients, I get a outside the brain a little bit. You'll notice this very. because when it comes to a price of charging, when it comes to what you're gonna do and things along that nature, you have to feel good with that.

And I don't mean that from a us feeling good, like self worth oh [00:11:00]yeah. Okay. I think that'll be okay. And though it has to be like an internal good feeling like your intuition guides you and says, Hey. This is where you want to be at right now. And you, and a lot of times we don't know how to do that because we're so disconnected with ourselves.

And we're, we live in a connected world, but we're the most disconnected. It's weird. The more connected we get in one element in technology, the more disconnected we're getting in the other. It's just, it's interesting how that works and we have to learn to tap in. And I teach a lot of my clients that because I could tell you business strategies and business principles of where you should put price point and why that's important.

That's a lot of the doing stuff that I, and I don't like to get into. I'd rather go Hey, I'm gonna teach you something. Instead of teaching you, getting you a fish for the damn teach you how to fish. And so when you're looking at price points, when you're looking at things like that nature it's understanding what feels really congruent with you.

And that's what I've done with myself, or even with coaching and stuff like that is when I was mapping out my stuff, I was like, okay, you know what. I'm gonna stop doing this low price stuff and trying to build myself up. I'm just like, what do I feel comfortable with? What do I feel good with that I believe my worth is right now where I'm at, based on my experiences, based on this, I know where I wanna [00:12:00] go, but where am I at right now?

And then you just know, believe within yourself 100% knowing that you're worth it because you are the thing is we all can be some, we can all be great and we're all. Whatever, what you're worth, whatever you think you are. I said, you make yourself as valuable as you are, what you get paid for what you value, but really you get paid when, like I talk about conversions and stuff like this, a lot with clients.

And I'm always like, you only, the conversion happens because you spoke value, you connected the value of what they're looking at. That's all it is. So when it comes to you get paid based on what you are valued and I've did. Multipli in my, I remember my chiropractic office. I wanted to be at a certain price point.

I, I heard someone say, Hey, the beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is you can say, I wanna raise of this much next year. And you can say next year, I want another raise of this much next year. And I was like, that's a great idea. So I started doing that and I was like, but I have to have, hold on.

I I gotta know that I'm what does that look like for me? Who do I have to be? And I had to get through some limiting beliefs. I had to let go of not have being self worth, not having a high self worth. There's also fears. I had to look at not failure, fear of failure, but fear of success.

What if I got too big? What if I got too much [00:13:00] where I couldn't handle? What if I started losing out with my family and all these other things? Cause I had fear of success and it's amazing. People have more fear of success than they do a failure sometimes. And it was looking at that, but I would say the easiest answer, I is just knowing that you are worthy and you have to find whatever.

In the beginning, at least you have to find what's gonna build that confidence for you. With that, and for me, it's always been science, like even as a chiropractor. It's one of those things where, when I shifted the pediatrics and I was cha charging my prices higher and doing all these different things.

Yeah. There was still that self that the limited belief still comes, but I was like, you know what? I'm like, hold on. Look at the science of what I do. Look at the research of what I have, look at what I've done with myself. Plus other things I'm like, this is a game changer and I'm like, I know I can help people even more and I can empower them even more.

And it gave me that confidence in the beginning. And then when I started to see the results, I sat back and I go, yep. This is exactly why I did what I did. I see it now, this is why I'm supposed to do what I'm supposed to be doing. Everything's in alignment and all worked out.


[00:13:56] Tiffany Grant: Awesome. And that is so true.

It's once you start [00:14:00] tapping into what your personal limiting beliefs are, it highlights like where you can improve what you can do better. And then also just looking at it backwards, like you said, where you're like, okay, if I do wanna make this amount of money, What do I need?

What does that require of me? What does that look like? What kind of value do I have to provide? And I think that's so important too. Some people they go from, oh I'm gonna go ahead and just charge thousands of dollars for this program and not really connecting the value to that. And so they end up, doing a big launch and all that stuff.

And then, flops, but the reason is because you haven't communicated that value to the audience that you're trying to gain. It is a very difficult thing to balance and it's a very difficult thing to kinda get your mind over, cuz I really resonated when you said scared of success, cuz I feel the same way.

I think I hold my back hold my back. I don't hold my back, hold myself back. [00:15:00] Sometimes cuz when I get like a lot of attention or a lot of publicity, I'm like, Ooh, let me pull back some cuz this is gonna be too much, but. Just getting that mindset and that head space around, okay, Tiffany, you can make this what you wanna make it, you can control the volume.

You can control the demand by controlling your prices, that type of thing. Definitely agree with everything you said now. Is there anything else, as far as limiting beliefs that you had to personally deal with? I know you mentioned a couple there but was there any other ones that you came across as you were going on this journey?

[00:15:37] Victor Manzo Jr: Yeah. I Fear of failure was one of them too, where it was like, looking at it or not being good enough, which comes back to self worth. A lot of my stuff was a lot relating around low self worth. There's other ones that extend, but like when I looked at them, I was like, no it's still going back to the self worth and I'm not worthy.

I just kept, as I kept going, doing this journey, that was the biggest one. And everything really resides around that because once you feel that you are worth. [00:16:00] Or of success of the life you want to choose of having those kind of things. And all of a sudden it's totally a different game changer, but there's other things too out there.

There's limiting beliefs when it like negative living beliefs when it comes to like money. And I had, I remember when I wrote my first book I was just putting those in there and I put I, I found, I was looking at 10 different articles and they all had the same tent. So I'm like either these guys are copying each other or I dunno, what's going on here.

But I'm like, yo, these are great. And I went through 'em and I went to I looked at 'em and all of a sudden I'm like, oh my God, I have nine out of 10. Now I don't have 'em memorized, but I could share a couple of them. One of the things is that, money, you hear money doesn't grow on trees or that all my life.

or that you have to have money to make money or you have to and again ha if you think, and I, some people go, you have to have money to make money. I said, no, you don't. That just means you don't have self worth. Because if you think about that for a second, and this was me, I always thought I had to invest.

So when I first got my chiropractic office I thought I had to get an investor. And so I had an investor and then last minute fell through and I'm like, yeah, universe, what are you trying to tell me here, man? I was like, literally. Thankfully, there was a clause in the lease that I was able to get out if we didn't agree on something.

So I was just like, I'm gonna not agree to [00:17:00] this because this is my only way out. Or I'm stuck with over 80 a hundred thousand dollars bill for the next four years that I can't even, I don't even, I can't even pay for this. And so thankfully that worked out we agreed to break off because of that.

And but then all of a sudden, I, this is, again, I didn't know this at the time. So just for all the listeners, I didn't have this figured out that I was very like in a dark place when that happened. But then I remember I was like, I'm gonna have something happen. So what ended up happening was is I started to, as I look back, I was like, wow, I didn't realize this, but I didn't need the money.

That's what the universe was trying to tell me. I just needed. And I wish I knew that sooner because you, a lot of times, those limiting beliefs, you think, again, it's a conditioning, it's a code you're unconscious of it. So you just think you'll the way your brain works is that when you, what a limiting belief and so I call it a code.

You can argue with somebody. About, you could say, you could see that they have a limiting belief. You can call 'em out on that. And they're gonna have to fight that for life. That's what it is about belief systems. We fight 'em and you don't even know you're fighting 'em and what will happen is they'll be like, no but this is what happened at this time.

And this is what happened here. And this is what happened there, cuz what it is, it's a [00:18:00] pain center and the ego's trying to protect you. So your left brain is so it's telling you here's the memories. Here's why here's where the, now you're hearing all the conditioning. And you listen to the words and the stories that they say, and you're gonna see there's conditioning and they use the same words.

And so then you, that's what you think your life is. And there's nothing that can get you out of that. And in reality, there's a whole other opposite and so much more that's there. And so when it comes to, looking at these different things, I'm trying to think of some other ones off the top of my head.

But there's a lot of those kind of limiting beliefs that can definitely play a role like that in some way, shape or form .

[00:18:30] Tiffany Grant: Absolutely. Absolutely. And you said a mouthful you're dropping all of the gems, but we don't wanna give it all away. So Dr. Vick, if people were interested in learning more about you or listening to your podcast how could they find you?

[00:18:47] Victor Manzo Jr: so you, you could find everything at my website. It's If you're a business owner and you like what I'm talking about, I have a free one-on-one coaching call that we can hop on a call and can hear what your challenges, what your pain centers are at, what are the [00:19:00] things you want to achieve?

And I'll give you some tips and how to move forward. And if I feel I can help you. I'll tell you how I can do that. I have a ton of resources on there. My podcast is on there. If you go to free resources, I have my podcast. I got a free book on visualization. There. You can get a hold of, I got a free video training on how to end the sacrifice.

So it's another whole mindset thing of how we think we have to sacrifice and grind and hustle to get to a certain point in success. When in reality, we don't have to do that. That world still exists, but there's a whole nother world that we can live too. And if you wanna catch me on the socials bottom left corner of the website, I'm on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and linked.

[00:19:31] Tiffany Grant: Awesome. Awesome. Thank you so much, Dr. Vick, and if you all didn't catch all of that, cuz he's everywhere. We will have that in the show notes. So definitely check out the show notes and check out his website, cuz I definitely am. I like those free resources he was naming off. But thank you so much for coming on the show today.

Oh, thank you for having me. I had a blast. All right, bye.

[00:19:51] Voiceover: Thank you for listening, joining, and being a part of the money. Talk with tip podcast this week, you can check, tip out every Thursday for a new money talk podcast, [00:20:00] but if you just can't wait until next week, you can listen to previous podcast episodes at money.

Talk with or follow TIFF on all social media platforms. Add money, talk with T until next time spend wise by spending less than you make. To the money wise is always sufficient.

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