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business & entrepreneurship podcasts Sep 29, 2022

Tracy Lamourie joins Tiffany this week to break down what she does as a publicist and how she helps her clients build thought leadership to attract investors and customers for their businesses. 

About Our Guest

Tracy is a high-profile, international award-winning publicist. She is also the founder and managing director of Lamourie Media Inc. And she is the author of the upcoming book, Get Wrapped, Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations.

She's been featured in Rolling Stone Magazines, the Hollywood Times, NBC tv, and other major media outlets.

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Twitter: @lamouriemedia
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Episode 137

[00:00:00] Intro/Outro: You know what it is? That's right. It's time to talk money with your money nerd and financial coach. Now tighten those purse strings and open those ears. It's the Money Talk with TIFF podcast.

[00:00:15] Tiffany Grant: Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Money Talk with TIF podcast. Today I have Tracy Lamourie on the line. Now Tracy is a high profile, international award-winning publicist. She is also the founder and managing director of Lamourie Media Inc. And she is the author of the upcoming book, Get Wrapped, Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations.

She's been featured in Rolling Stone Magazines, the Hollywood Times, NBC tv, and other major media outlets. So thank you so much, Tracy, for coming on the show today.

[00:00:47] Tracy Lamourie: Thank you so much. And my clients have been featured in all kinds of media too, cuz that's what I do.

[00:00:53] Tiffany Grant: Right, I know if I went on and on with the list, we would be here forever.

[00:00:58] Tracy Lamourie: Yeah. It's a pretty [00:01:00] crazy bio but the point, is like when you work with me or when you work with a publicist or when you do the publicist work, you get all those accolades that you can throw in your bio from the awards, to the media, to the, and all those things get you other media spots.

They make you the most valuable player at the office. They get you clients, all that fun stuff. So it's a journey. It's fun. And everyone should do it. And that's what I'm here to talk about. .

[00:01:23] Tiffany Grant: Yeah, . Yes. And so you jumped right in cuz that was actually gonna be my first question. So what is a publicist and what do they do? You give us a brief overview, but just break it down for my audience. What does a publicist actually do

[00:01:38] Tracy Lamourie: For sure people, when you hear the word publicist in media, it's usually associated with a sports start or a celebrity or, Samantha from Sex in the City, when they wanna glam up a character on tv, he, it's hilarious.

What we actually do is, mostly desk work and then some VIP parties and exciting travel. But it's basically about you hear the terms like thought leadership now and. Third party validation and all that. So what [00:02:00] we do is with the mainstream media, the original, not the social media, but with, television, radio, newspapers, podcasts, and now, other digital media Huffington Posts for example, which is a magazine or newspaper, but it's only online.

So it's getting yourself quoted. What I help my clients do is get them quoted in mainstream media and in, niche media and in industry media so that they built their thought leadership and they built that gravitas and authority behind their name and their business. So it helps them attract customers, it helps them attract investors.

I had one of my clients, and I'm not a, finance girl, hadn't been up to that point, so I wasn't thinking so much about that as about customer retention and that kind of thing. But one of my clients after Six weeks literally of working together and three or four media spots we got. She told me, You've changed my business in my life.

No word of a lie. And when I asked her like, That's quite the accolade, what do you mean? She said, Because you made investors take us more seriously. And she had just gone through her pree funding. She was [00:03:00] going to receive funding. I thought, Oh, of course. If you think about it, if I'm gonna go do business with somebody, I go and search them on the Google.

If I'm gonna drop a million dollars investment on a company, certainly I'm gonna wanna know more than just their investment deck, which, we can all make a pretty deck if we pay someone to, and their social media they're saying about themselves. Compare, think about it if you're, comparing between two companies that you might wanna invest in or do business with or whatever, and you go to Google and search one, and all you find is stuff that they've created themself while the other one is quoted in, Fortune in Entrepreneur.

Whatever is being called, the disruptors is on the stages. Who are you gonna automatically And those are things you can't buy, so that's what I do is basically elevate and celebrate point a finger and get the attention of the world on the amazing things that people are doing across industry.

So I literally have clients and everything. From real estate to authors, to small businesses, to startups, to crypto, to literally, interior design is my newest client. Literally almost anything you can think of. If you [00:04:00] think of yourself as an expert in that which you are, otherwise you wouldn't be hanging out your shingle or asking people to give you money for it and realize there are a ton of media opportunities you're not seeing, your time.

And I always think about, that old I love Lucy. So I always talk about this where there's like that assembly line, they're all like going to grab whatever. It's like those are the media opportunities and you're sitting there, if you even know about them trying to grab them, they're there. Both people are just looking over and they're completely, as all these free opportunities are going by them and they're just, spending tons of money on advertising or doing whatever.

From a financial perspective, you know what I do? Really? 10 Xes your business in other people's minds from your Aunt Edna tell you the people, person that might donate or sorry, fund you to the person who might choose you as a, over your competitor. And that just elevates what you're doing.

It brings the money in. And I'm a, case in point, I started doing this a decade ago. I learned 20 years ago to write a press release. Through other work, like activist work, which is a whole other story. You can Google me for that. But when I, 10 years ago started to do my brand, I was [00:05:00] 42 years old and I, started as a freelancer.

From there I went into, it got so big, so fast, I had to do general partnership and I didn't know anything about business with the back end. So my business consultant, who I, as a friend of mine, that was one of my client was like no. . You need to incorporate, you have clients in Dubai, in England and LA from this little place, from here in Canada.

And I wasn't incorporated, so she, put my back end into base. But between, getting, once I had the business processes and I started doing what I know best, which is not just putting my clients out there, but taking a few hours here and there. To speak about my own expertise the way I do for my clients, right?

It has honestly, the difference in that's over covid. This two years has been over covid and the difference that it has done for my credibility, my business, my now I get on a call with complete confidence okay, I'm, I feel like I'm interviewing them as much as they're interviewing me. I might or might not decide to take that.

It's the difference in like having that feeling of having to get clients and that feeling of being able to choose what you wanna work on. [00:06:00] To me that is like the absolute true definition of success. That's the number one. And you wouldn't be a guest there without having reached that confident, the money plateau.

But you're not desperate for that dollar like three years ago. But once you reach that's the definition of success when you can be like, No, how do I wanna spend my day? Nor do I wanna spend my day on. So I have a luxury now of being able to say no to as many projects as I say yes to, which means I actually passionately care about the people and the projects that I'm working on.

So it never feels like work, even though I work in the 18 hours a day .

[00:06:29] Tiffany Grant: Nice. Now, You mentioned, like before we hit record, you mentioned that you just finished a talk on how people can increase their presence without having to spend on ads. So I wanna hop into that really quick because a lot of people think that they have to, there's.

I guess it's a semi misconception. You have to spend money in order to make money but you don't have to spend your money in ads. I rare, I've never, I don't think ran ads. And if I did it was like $20 here, $20 there. So what are [00:07:00] some things that people can do if they're listening to this and they're like, you know what, I, need some publicity. What are some beginner steps that they can take?

[00:07:07] Tracy Lamourie: Yeah, for sure. Let me, I'll hit you with some, so I'll intro this, but while you're getting on your pen and paper ready to type, cause we're gonna give you some real juice, but Absolutely. That's like thou very important. And yeah, the talk was, I just went to Colorado to do it.

It was called How to Build Your Global Brand Without Advertising. I have literally never spent a penny in advertising in a decade. Not a penny. Sorry. Like you said, I think I've done $20 here or $10 here boosting a particular Facebook post that I was mostly doing for a client's visibility, but literally, I've never bought an ad. I've never bought a thing. When people message me, Hey, we interview, you, put on the cover of this if you pay. I'm always like, Yeah, but I don't pay for that. And and sometimes they come back and say, We'll do it anyway. I'm like, All right, if you wanna do it, then we pay.

But there, yeah, I've never paid for an ad. I'm not saying ads don't have their place. Like in some things, if like maybe, you're selling a widget in that market, you need an ad. But in, to me, if you could do either marketing or public relations, thousand percent do public relations because it's gonna do what an ad does in terms of getting [00:08:00] visibility.

Having people that you haven't, that haven't already seen it, see you, but then when they see it, cause everybody knows where. Sophisticated audiences these days. It's not the 1950s, has seen on TV now. People know you can buy an ad, you can buy the whatever. You can buy the whatever.

They always did know, but you know it. Now anybody can, and we see so much of it. It's not impressive. But you know when all of a sudden you're quoted in that thing. That you can pay publicist for to find new opportunities to pitch you to the opportunities to whatever, but you cannot pay to get into the Reader's Digest.

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[00:09:06] Tracy Lamourie: As a quote, as the expert quote, you can't pay to be the person quoted in the Forbes, that article you can't pay. You know what I mean? What, So that's makes the difference if you can. And really pr traditionally when you call a PR house, it can be the same price as marketing.

So it can be, like 3000 a month, three months of minimum if you were doing a giant campaign. But, and this is where it gets a little avatar, I'm just gonna say this real quick and everything else will be editorial because I don't want, people often won't make that call or won't approach the public is because they think that it's gonna be, outta their range.

But specifically because I do so many workshops and maybe other publicists do this too, I'm not trying to just sell myself. Look at the market, right? But specifically with me, I know that because I do so many talks to pe, small business, to solo entrepreneurs, to entrepreneurs, to authors, to like individual people who don't have that kind of budget.

I, and I'm super passionate about how important it is and how much this elevates and changes the gate in the playing field for them. That I make sure that, there are accessible, like actually are accessible price [00:10:00] points for humans to get in on as opposed to the, like individual people that could go.

So if you have most people that have a business or are doing anything kind of thing, I have a price point that if not this month, you'll be able to do it next month. Think about it, but before you even, there's, you don't need a publicist if you can't afford that, if you have more time than money, if you have whatever, these are the tips that you can use, but just be super careful when you use them, that you always have in your head.

Editorial not advertorial. So you're providing information, you're a source to the media. You're not, they're not in the business of giving you a free ad. They're not there to do that. So you have to be like, what valuable information do I have that I can present? So whether that, whether you're doing that in a press release or immediate advisory, which the barriers really high and for what is news.

What your sources are where you're going. But always make sure if you're doing a press release or media advisory, that your subject line is super strong, because think about how many emails you erase without even opening them. Imagine how much a reporter is getting when 80% of the stuff they know isn't gonna be newsworthy.

They're just [00:11:00] making that determination before they even click on it if it's news. So make sure all your stuff, is in that subject line. But before you even think about that, cuz that can be a big chunk to figure out how to do and how to do right, and how to contact them. A way to get your feet wet and to understand what kind of questions media has and is interested in for somebody in whatever career you have.

And whatever. Whether you're the landscaper, whether you're the financial expert, whether you're the Dr. Baker, candle sick maker. I don't care. Challenge me. Whatever you do, there's media opportunities for you. And even if you think it's boring, it's not. There are mainstream media and, industry media opportunities for you.

You're an expert that we, you have an expertise. We don't have whatever in your day, if you're a pest control expert over, it doesn't matter. We, things we don't, there are things that, yeah. Anyway, go to these, some of these services, I pay hundreds of dollars a month for.

Some are free, some are hashtags. There's a whole bunch of services. Places where you can connect online with reporters who are go already gonna do a story. So it's like the opposite of a press release. Press release. You're putting out your idea. Here's a story idea coming, interview me. I'm the star of the [00:12:00] story of Theca.

With this. The reporters have already got a story. They know they're gonna be writing about whatever, and now they're looking for the experts to quote In the old days, who knows how they did that? Nowadays they have a million ways they can get this horse in an hour or two. There's a free service called Hero, which is one called Help a Reporter Out that a lot of people know as an entry level one.

It's got a lot of good stuff, but number one, act, think editorial, auditorial, and super quickly because some of the things in Hero come out a day after we see them and some of the other services that we pay for. A little bit behind in Hero. Already though, I've gotten a ton of amazing results on Hero.

The key is quick, concise responses that are Informative into what they're asking. Along with that nice little more about Tiffany, more about Tracy's a cap compell, people who's happy to answer more questions. So a little reason. And then as you do this and develop this more and more, you get more little links that you can add from what a previous media interviews that you can show them and, gets easier and easier.

They'll sometime right out the gate you get a major one. But yeah, so check out Hero Help Reporter Out. You literally go up, you sign up, you get, one email a [00:13:00] day or three emails a day to your topic or. I said just looking at all the topics. Cause you might be surprised with what, the con like what you could, some of them, for example, like you might be a, financial person.

So you might think, Oh, I'm just gonna go and do the financial topics. But if you were to get the, all of them, including the generalist, you're gonna get the, one of the basic entrepreneurs or about lifestyle stuff that you may like I can answer that. And then they would mention your business.

So that Hero is for sure. If you're not already on it, go right now because it's gonna open up your mind and show you. What's available? Another one similar to Hero that I find super effective, but it's not free is it's 199 a month or something is quoted Q W O T E D. I find it's really effective.

It gets things quicker than hero and reporters seem to be. A little bit more responsive on it, probably because of the fact that there is that entry point. They probably have less people on it cuz it's not free, right? So there's a little bit more but then there's just a hashtag journal request, which you get a lot of UK stuff on that for some weird reason it's 80% uk, but a lot of times they're looking for people, whoever.

I got a u I got a US[00:14:00] beauty brand client in a Daily Mail article in the UK, which is like insane. Like the millions and million, it was like killer was the best thing all year. And they don't even sell their brand yet in the UK it doesn't matter. He was there talking about building his brand and that, So yeah.

So those are a couple. What else did general request? Oh, and there's an Australia one called a source bottle, and that's mostly a Australian, but again, there's some US stuff on it and yeah, so there's all these different things. Problem is, you could get into I spent a good three hours of my day going through all of these, so you could get into spending a lot of time doing the right.

The nice thing for my clients, even some who already have already used some of these, When I come in now, they only have to spend 10 minutes on that because I'm going through three hours pulling out the three things for Tiffany, telling you, Okay, here's the one you gotta answer. Boom boom, any, And then they don't even have to answer them.

I can call and transcribe it for them and then do they, they're in Readers Digest or they're in whatever. They don't, so it's taken five minutes out of their day instead of an hour and a half to find it and 20 minutes to write it. [00:15:00] So that's where you get into. Do I wanna mow my own lawn or pay the guy who's really good at it?

And, but you can do, But at the same time, sometimes it's better to do what you sell. Like it's a balance, right? Where are you in your career? Where are you in your life? Where are you in building your business? Is it better, if you have some time and you're putting time into other things, Put some time into this, but I can't stress enough.

Don't just start emailing. We could all find the newspapers report. Don't just start emailing them unless you're really sure that you have that editorial versus that you know the audience. And this is something, doesn't mean they're gonna put it on. But that it is potentially something they would put on because otherwise you can burn that bridge as easily in your local media.

There's only couple of them. You don't want to burn that bridge so they never open your future emails cuz you send them something about a carpet cleaning sale that you were having or something, you'd be surprised. The kind of things people don't understand is not media is not editorial.

And they're happy to send you to the ad department cuz they're, businesses too. So

[00:15:54] Tiffany Grant: , they're like you can us. You're like, thank you so much, Tracy. You dropped so [00:16:00] many gems. It was

[00:16:01] Tracy Lamourie: we talked about hours about this, like the key ones. If you wanna get your head around starting to do some of it,

[00:16:09] Tiffany Grant: Yes. I have definitely used Hero in the past, but these other ones, I had no idea. So I'll be def Look, I was writing down y'all , so I will definitely,

[00:16:17] Tracy Lamourie: but I'll do it for you.

[00:16:18] Tiffany Grant: . So definitely thank you so much, Tracy. This was awesome. And at least it'll give people a way to get started with their publicity. If they're not at the point of hiring a publicist like yourself,

[00:16:29] Tracy Lamourie: they're just thinking about it. Like again, big key part. Is, thinking about yourself as an expert. Cause a lot of people will be like, Oh, why? Why would they want it to do me again? Why did you put your shingle out? Why are you taking people's money?

Cause you know what you're doing. So now share that same confidence that you have to take people's money to share that knowledge that you have. And you'll be amazed at the results.

[00:16:50] Tiffany Grant: Absolutely. Absolutely. So if Tracy, if people are at the stage of wanting to hire a publicist how could they find out more about you or where can they find you [00:17:00] online?

[00:17:00] Tracy Lamourie: Yeah, that'd be great. And I do work absolutely globally, internationally. So when you work with me, you have access to. Literally international media and all the context that I made through all my other projects, which includes everything from celebrities and a-listers. I'm a accredited to the Con Film Festival to the business stuff that I do.

So it's a kind of come into a really neat world and yeah. So you can find me or you can find me on, Instagram at Tracy Lamourie PR Media. LinkedIn is an amazing place to meet up with me. Just Tracy Lamourie and yeah, and also I'll give you a number too in the States. I have a Beverly Hills phone number (424) 444-8052 and it actually rings suit to my Toronto number right now at 2 8 9 7 8 8 5 8 8 1.

[00:17:42] Tiffany Grant: Nice. Awesome. And if you all did not catch that, I will make sure that I have it in the show notes so it will be there if you,

[00:17:49] Tracy Lamourie: you spell this right, what you did, or I did, or whatever they, I'm easy to find the red hair girl. You know it's me. [00:18:00]

[00:18:00] Tiffany Grant: So I will have that for you all. And thank you so much, Tracy, for coming on the show today.

[00:18:04] Tracy Lamourie: It was my pleasure. Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you.

[00:18:08] Tiffany Grant: All right, Bye.

[00:18:10] Intro/Outro: Thank you for listening, joining and being a part of the Money Talk with TIFF podcast this week. You can check Tiff Out every Thursday for a New Money Talk podcast, but if you just can't wait until next week, you can listen to previous podcast episodes, or follow TIFF on all social media platforms at MoneyTalkwithT until next time. Spend wise, by spending less than you make a word to the money wise is always sufficient.

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